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Bed Prices in Gauteng

The price of a bed in Gauteng will vary depending on the type of bed, the size of the bed, and the brand of the bed. However, you can expect to pay the following for a basic bed:

Bed Prices in Gauteng. The price of a bed in Gauteng will vary depending on the type of bed, the size of the bed, and the brand of the bed. However, you can expect to pay the following for a basic bed:

Based on Google shopping results and taking into account the top 5 search results when looking at the low to high price range. This is based on the same weight rating, warranty, type and size. We looked at the highest price, lowest price and average price of beds for sale in Gauteng

Basic Prices

These beds are what are considered entry level beds that would take up to about 80 – 90 kg per person and would generally have a 3-5 year warranty. These average results are for all mattress types.

  • Single bed: R1,500 to R3,000
  • Three-quarter bed: R2,000 to R4,000
  • Double bed: R3,000 to R5,000
  • Queen-size bed: R4,000 to R6,000
  • King-size bed: R5,000 to R7,000

Mid Range Prices

These beds typically have a weight rating of about 100 to 120 kg per person and a warranty of 10 to 12 years. 

  • Single bed: R1,999 to 3,999
  • Three-quarter bed: R2,999 to R4,000
  • Double bed: R3,999 to R7,000
  • Queen-size bed: R4,999 to R7,999
  • King-size bed: R6,999 to R10,000

High End Bed Prices 

Of course, you can pay much higher Bed Prices in Gauteng, especially if you’re looking for a luxury bed or a bed from a high-end brand. However, you can also find budget-friendly beds at many furniture stores in Gauteng.These beds will have a weight rating of 120+kg and warranties of up to 25 years 

  • Single bed: Up to R22,000
  • Three-quarter bed: Up to R24,999 
  • Double bed: Up to R30,000
  • Queen-size bed: R67,000
  • King-size bed: Up to 95,000

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Bed prices by bed type

Beds come in a few varieties, the most popular in South Africa are memory foam, high density foam, pocket spring and innerspring. There are a few variants like hybrids, which are combinations of the above and memory foam gel. So in order to keep it to the point, we will look at the main category types. The results will come from Google search and the first five sites will provide the data. And we will provide the lowest price option

Memory foam bed prices

The prices above are for an entry level memory foam set with a weight rating of 100kg per person and service warranty of 10 years. A good memory foam set will generally carry a weigh rating of 120-140 kg per person with 15 year warranties. 

  • Single bed: From R4,000
  • Three-quarter bed: From R4,799
  • Double bed: From R4,999 
  • Queen-size bed: From R5,999
  • King-size bed: R7,999

High density foam prices

Foam beds are very popular and there are several price points. The foam beds range from low point entry through to high end from camping mats to luxurious hospitality types. We will look at an average, just above entry level with a 100kg weight rating and a 10 year warranty. 

  • Single bed: From R3,200
  • Three-quarter bed: From R3,600
  • Double bed: From R4,199 
  • Queen-size bed: From R4,800
  • King-size bed: R5,999

Pocket spring prices

Pocket spring beds are normally on the upper end of the price bracket. They are usually very well made and of higher quality. They tend to carry weights of about 130 kg per person and have 15-20 year warranties so we will look at a model that has those specs.

  • Single bed: From R6,799
  • Three-quarter bed: From R6,999
  • Double bed: From R8,399
  • Queen-size bed: From R8,699
  • King-size bed: R12,499

Spring bed prices



These bed types are quite affordable and the most widely used system. They cover almost all weight ratings from 90 kg per person to 130/140 kg per person. The warranties vary from 5 year to 25 years. The following prices are about an average entry level price as taken off google shopping


  • Single bed: From R3,499
  • Three-quarter bed: From R3,799
  • Double bed: From R4,299
  • Queen-size bed: From R5,499
  • King-size bed: R6,499

So there you have the options, I hope it was helpful, so feel free to shop around but hope to see you back here for a great quality bed at the best prices and remember if you have any questions please feel free to call on 0797763257

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