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Best Bed To Buy

– Introduce the importance of choosing the right bed for a good night’s sleep

When looking for your new bed, the obvious question is, which is the best bed to buy? The most important factor to consider is what bed will give you the best quality sleep based on your sleep requirement.

Gone are the days of 8 hours per night is the golden rule.  Research shows that quality sleep is the key and does not tie in the the outdated 8 hour rule. So to get the best bed you will need to look at what gives you the best sleep.

The best bed will improve your overall health and wellbeing

The bed you need is one that allows you to get quality sleep. This is when you get an undisturbed sleep for the right amount of time. When your sleep is undisturbed your body and mind get to rest and rejuvenate properly.

Undisturbed sleep is what happens when your body cannot get into the correct position during sleep, or, when the sleep surface is not suited for your needs. You may get 8 or more hours of sleep and think you have got enough but still wake up feeling drowsy and without energy.

The best bed to buy will be one that gives the best rest

Finding the perfect fit will be subject to your requirement. Be is size, comfort, budget or support. Addressing the factors will establish which is the best bed to buy.

Factors to consider when buying a bed

– Size: Decide on the ideal size. Are you sleeping alone or with a partner? Do you need to stretch out or do you sleep in the fetal position? Does your partner need space? These are some of the issues you will need to consider for the bed size. Make sure that you have space to get into your preferred and most comfortable sleep position.

Mattress type: Different types have different features. These are important factors to consider too. Memory foam mattresses offer a good option for those who suffer from lower back issues. Innerspring models are considered the best bed to buy for full body support and budget. So make sure to do your homework when looking at the types and see which one suits the issues you need to address.

– Firmness: The firmness level of the mattress is also a factor to consider. This will influence the pressure on your joints, hips and shoulders. if the surface is too firm for you, your body will move too much during the night and break your sleep cycle. This results in poor quality sleep which affects your ability to be at your best during the day.

Recommendations for the best bed to buy

As we have seen there are a few things you need to take into account.based on that we can recommend a few types that will suit different individual needs.

– Lower back issues: Memory foam models have been favored to be the best options. They soften to your body head and allow the heavier parts of your body to sink into the correct position during sleep. This stops your muscles from contracting during the night.

– Tender Joints: A softer sleep surface is recommended to cushion your joints. A soft feel foam mattress can benefit you by taking away the pressure points while still keeping your spine well aligned. This option could be the best bed to buy if you have tender or painful joints when waking.

– Partner disturbance: Pocket spring beds are considered a perfect solution for that. Their individually wrapped springs can help you stay asleep when your partner is restless.

– Sleep position: This is most likely where your bed size will come into account. Being limited in space takes away your ability to get into the correct position and get comfortable. Do if you have had trouble sleeping on a double with your partner, perhaps consider upgrading to a queen size bed.

So deciding on the the right type of sleep must be based on your sleep need. That will give you the tools to diced on the best bed to buy.

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