Best mattress

best mattress

best mattressBest mattress.

What is the best mattress? That would depend on the sleeper of course and what they require from the mattresses in terms of comfort and support.

When choosing a bed it is important to consider these two factors carefully as recent discoveries in sleep and health research shows that your choice can have a big impact in your overall health and well being.

If you are considering a new mattress, obviously you look for the best option available. the unfortunate reality is that most people start the search with a budget in mind. The consequence of this is that you may very well be looking at a mattress that could very well be doing more harm than good.


Firstly, let us loook at comfort, what it means and it’s importance in your health. When we refer to comfort, we are specifically referring to the comfort level of  the sleep surface. Generally this refers to how hard/firm or soft the sleep area is. What is important here is the promotion of circulation and the cushioning of the joints.

Circulation is highly important because when you are sleeping, your body is recovering from the days activities. Your blood circulation is now carrying the important hormones, nutrients and all those good things to various parts of your body. So if your blood flow is restricted, the distribution of these elements is limited. This in turn means that your muscles, brain and entire musculoskeletal system is deprived of the building blocks it needs for the best recovery and growth.

Have you ever woken up with stiff or sore joints in your elbows, hips, shoulders or knees? This can also be attributed to the comfort level of the mattress. The joints of your body is concentrated into pressure points as they have a small surface area that takes a high portion of your body weight. This pressure on the joints creates a pain point and stiffness that often accompanies you through the day. It also makes you toss and turn during the night because you are subconsciously trying to relieve these pain points. This results in a broken sleep pattern which also interrupts the rest and recovery sleep cycles.


The term is usually used quite randomly in the bedding industry and often mistakenly coupled with the term posture. It is important to understand what posture and support actually refers to. Many of us believe that posture refers only to the position of the spine during sleep. It does in fact refer to the alignment and proper position of the entire body. This would include the spine, hips and shoulders. The biggest mistake though is thinking that it ends there. The word “posture” refers to the whole body, including not only your skeletal system, but also your internal organ alignment. This includes your heart, lungs and liver. It also includes the tendons, ligaments and all other connective tissues in the body. With the proper posture support, the whole body is aligned and you can achieve the best quality sleep.

The best mattress.

So by taking the above into consideration we would suggest a bed that offers a high degree of support provided by a suitable support core with a medium feel on the comfort side. We have a range of  products that will tick all of the boxes in this regard. Although there are several more options available on our site, we believe that the best options would come from our luxury foam range. 

This range of beds has the best support core on offer as well as the required comfort level to provide the best and healthiest sleep experience. These benefits that they offer are essential for growing kids, active individuals and anyone who is serious about getting the most out of life in any aspect. Getting quality sleep is so much more important that just the hours slept. It is really about giving your body and mind the very best opportunity to function at their optimum.