Bed bases for sale

Bed bases for sale

Bed bases for sale.Your bed base is just as important as your choice of mattress. Without the proper support structures in place that a good bed base delivers, there are some things that could go wrong with your mattress. A bed base needs to give support to the particular mattress to be the right pairing. 

The Bed Guy offers a full range of bed bases for sale in all the South African bed sizes and we have 3 choices of colours and styles

The grey base-

This bed base carries up to 90 kg per person and has a 1 year warranty. Not available in extra length 


The brown bed base base

These bases carry up to 110 kg per person and have a 1 year warranty and is available in extra length


Beige bed bases

These bases carry the maximum that we do at 140 kg per person. They have a 1 year warranty and have bun feet and a bullnose feature 


How to choose a bed base for your mattress type

Buying the correct bed base from The Bed Guy is easy, and you’ll not only have a big choice, but we will help you get the correct base for your mattress. It is very important to consider the base types because not all bases will support all mattress types. For example, you cannot put a pocket spring mattress onto a slatted base. This is because where the gaps are between the slats there is no support for the pockets and they may begin to tear inside. 

Selecting the right base colour and material

When choosing an upholstered base, consider the rest of your bedroom design sot hat is will match your existing colours and styles. Also check the material type on the bed base, some are easier to clean than others.

How long do bed bases last?

About the same time as your mattress. Even though some mattress models carry guarantees and warranties, we recommend a maximum of 7 years. Please remember that bases do not carry the same warranty as a mattress because the mattress itself carries the warranty and our bases have a 1 year warranty only

If you need guidance on whether your base needs replacing, or help to choose the right base for your mattress, give us a shout on 0797763257 and we will gladly give you the best advise on the best base for your mattress. 

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