Double bed prices

Double bed prices. These bed sizes have a very large price range ranging from a around just over R1000.00 for a real entry level to over millions of Rands. Thе most еxpеnsivе doublе bеd in thе world is thе Baldacchino Suprеmе Bеd, which costs R118 million (2023). It is madе by luxury dеsignеr Stuart Hughеs and fеaturеs a handcraftеd framе madе from thrее diffеrеnt typеs of wood: ash, chеrry, and chеstnut. Thе bеd is also dеcoratеd with intricatе carvings and gold lеaf.

Our prices at The Bed Guy are very well positioned to be affordable without compromising on quality. Please feel free to browse our range below and check out our tips and advice on how to choose the best suited double bed.

How to find the best value bed prices in Gauteng 

Types and prices

There are 4 main categories of beds on the market in South Africa. Those are pocket spring, memory foam, high density foam and Bonnell spring systems. Each mattress type has its own unique process and materials which has an influence on the quality and prices. 

Entry level options. 

If you have a budget that you are watching, there are entry level spring and foam options. These types would start at about R1800.00 to about R2300.00 for a foam bed set and about R2300.00 - R2999.00 for a spring double bed set. If this is your range, rather consider the foam option as a spring in that price range will feel through the sleep surface. Sleep quality makes the beds other very soft or very firm and that suits mainly back and belly sleepers.

Mid range double bed prices.

A mid range priced double bed start in the region of about R2500.00 to about R8000.00 for an upper end model. These beds typically have weight rating range of 90 KG to 110 KG per person and would have warranties of 8-12 Years. Both the foam and the spring options become more comfortable in this range and will incorporate some sofer sleep surface beds and will be more suitable for most sleep positions.

High end options

These options include all of the bed types and offer the complete range of comfort levers from plush to firm. Weight ratings increase up to 160 KG per and warranties also increase up to, in some cases, 25 years. In the case of The Bed Guy, our high end prices start at under R5000.00 and goes up to just over R10000.00 for our Chiro plus latex double bed. 

The average retailer has the following comparisons

Entry level around R4000.00

Mid range R10000.00 - R20000.00

High end range 18000.00 - over R30000.00

As you can see the price of double beds ranges quite a bit. 

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