what is a single bed

What is a single bed?

What is a single bed? A single bed is the smallest standard size bed in South Africa. It is also referred to as a single beds set, single base and mattress set or a 92cm set. It is also called twin bed in other parts of the world and is the size just smaller than a three quarter bed

It is most commonly used in children's rooms, small spare rooms, hostels and is also a very popular choice for the hospitality industry. Measuring only 91cm wide, single beds are ideal for bedrooms that are short on space or have specific design needs.

This bed size is also very popular in the hospitality industry because you are able to to create a king size bed by pushing two single beds together. The addition of a mattress converter, also known as a topper, will eliminate the gap between mattresses so that there is a uniform sleep surface. These toppers are available in various types of foam that provide different comfort levels. 

Kids rooms

Because of there compact dimensions they are often the first choice for your kids first "big person bed". Kids bedrooms are often focused around activities and interests that stimulate the kids, there is a need for more floor space to play and engage in the activities. This bed size takes up the least space and gives the room the most floor space. 

Spare room single beds

Single beds are often the size of choice for spare rooms. More often than not a spare room doubles as additional storage rooms or home offices where there is a need to accommodate other items such as kists or office desks and work spaces. The compact size gives you better utilization of the space so you can make use of the area when needed for your needs.

Hostels and dorms

As for hostels and dormitories, the single bed is preferred. It provides ample sleeping sace while keeping the surroundings uncluttered and functional in terms of using the space for cupboards and additional storage options. It also maximises the potential of the space to accommodate as many sleepers as possible. There are many single bed bases that also offer storage which will suit the usage perfectly. 

Single beds for hospitality

In the hospitality industry the single bed set is a very popular choice. They help save space in accommodations for luggage, gear or any other additional items you may need to take along on your trip. Another added benefit is that when pushing two single beds together you create a king size bed. This is the perfect solution for rooms that need to be converted quickly from a family room to a honeymoon suite at a moments notice.

This bed size is available in different types which offer a variety of solutions that offer the best options for your needs. 


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