Benefits of a memory foam mattress

Benefits of a memory foam mattress

There are a few things in life that you need to be paying attention to and one of the most important things is quality sleep. You see, the connection between quality sleep and the quality of your life is direct. If you don't sleep well you probably are not living well. 

The fact is that poor quality sleep can negatively impact your physical, mental and emotional aspects of your life. Studies have shown that the lack of good quality sleep including an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack, and stroke, and those are only some of the physical aspects.

There are many more associated problems that could arise due to poor quality sleep, but that is a subject for another blog post. We are going to focus this post on the benefits of memory foam mattresses and how they can boost your life by providing you with high quality sleep. 

Because of their properties, memory foam mattresses make it difficult not to fall asleep and keep sleeping comfortably during the night. It is this undisturbed sleep that is the elusive "magic pill" that will give you the quality rest that your mind and body will enjoy. 

It is easy to see why this mattress type will be like sleeping on a cloud and keep you in slumberland so that you can rest and recover. Here are the reasons.

Body comforting contouring 

Memory foam softens to your body heat which lets the heavier parts of your body sink and keep your spine in alignment. Normally during sleep you toss and turn so that your muscles can be in a relaxed state, with a memory foam bed you will not need to do that


All sleep positions. Check


Whether you are a back or side sleeper the foam will conform to your chosen position. Some other mattresses will not be so forgiving and could slightly uncomfortable to sleep on. Not great for undisturbed sleep I am sure you will agree.


No partener anger

Snoring and moving, the best way to put a smile on your sleep companions face, not! There have been many unhappy and tired faces in the mornings because of a restless sleeper, This does not happen on a memory foam mattress because they absorb movement. This will keep your partner happy and rested. Its just the snoring now :) 


Pain be gone.


Because of the way the mattress keeps you in the correct sleep position, you will have less muscular stress on your neck and especially your lower back. No more shuffling around in the morning holding your back and moaning about getting old. 

Hands, knees, heels and elbows.mattress-pressure-points

Bet you sang that :) There are a few points of your body that are sensitive to pressure, especially if you suffer from arthritis. This foam type provides a soft cushion for those parts and will lessen the impact to keep you sleeping soundly.

Keeping your cool


Foam generally keeps you warmer at night but that could be a problem in summer. Not the case anymore. The new type of memory foam is gel infused which regulates the sleep temperature to keep you in the optimum range. 

No mattress distortion or sagging


The older types of foam mattresses tended to compress and sag. The new technologies offer a much higher quality and resilience which will keep your mattress in the shape that was intended. There is however an inevitable, but only slight allowance for sagging as the foams compress. 

The benefits of quality sleepbenefits-of-quality-sleep

The benefits of a memory foam mattress are right in line with what your mind, body and soul need to be able to prosper and live a healthy life so why not check out how exactly how quality sleep can make you jump out of be and ready to tackle the world. 




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