Sleeping on a single bed

Sleeping on a single bed

Sleeping on a single bed. This size bed is one of the most popular sizes in South Africa and is used mostly as a childrens bed. 

Are single beds suitable for adults? 

Yes they are. Single beds are made in almost all of the different types of beds which means they can carry weights of up to 140 kg per person and have warranties of up to 20 years so they are most certainly suitable for adults. This is especially useful in the hospitality industry where space and flexibility are important. This is because when 2 single beds are pushed together they create a king size bed which makes sleeping on a single bed a completley different experience.

Single bed sleeping positions 

Kids have no problem fitting onto a single bed so they are able to adjust themselves into any comfortable sleep position. Adults on the other hand may need to adjust their preferred positions to be able to fall asleep and have a good night's' sleep. Back and stomach sleepers are better suited for a single bed. Individuals with other position preferences may have some difficulty in getting a quality sleep as they will probably be tossing and turning trying to get the most comfortable position. 

Benefits of sleeping on a single bed

Sleeping on the smallest size beds has its benefits. Firstly it's a space savers dream. There are so many tiny apartments in our towns that a single bed is the only option. There needs to be adequate floor space for all your other furnishings so a single size bed will be ideal. They are also great for adults who prefer a different type of sleep surface to their partners. Pushing two single beds together will make up a king size with the addition of different sleep surfaces to accommodate each partner. 

Sleep divorce

Yes it is actually a thing! Sleep divorce is when a couple cannot sleep in the same bed because different sleep requirements and preferences. Be it different schedules, restlessness, sleep position or any other factor, sleep divorce is the ideal example of how 2 adults can still be together but "not in the same bed" Sleeping on two single beds can most certainly improve the sleep experience. 

So whilst single beds are often thought of as kids beds, they are completely functional for adults too.  

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