Clever sleeping means better mental performance

Clever sleeping means better mental performance

Most people feel as though they can conquer the world after a solid night’s sleep. There are some really good reasons for this. Sleep resets our bodies and enables them to repair and re-grow. There is nothing better than feeling fresh and ‘bouncy’ after a good night. You’re the star of the boardroom, an ace with your reporting and you’re even able to remember some obscure information from a month ago when the boss demands it. It’s really one of the best feelings on earth.

If that’s not enough to convince you that you want, nay need a great night undercover, here is a list of more in-depth things that might.

Say ‘omh’….

Good quality sleep and the right amount, are proven to elevate your mood. This is because your body is better able to produce happy hormones and sleep hormones in the right quantities and at the right times. It has a massive influence on the part of the brain which is responsible for emotional behaviour in stressful situations. All round, good quality sleep makes you more Zen in a trying situation.

Sharp as a razor

Getting enough zzzzz impacts directly on your mental alertness and recall. Your brain is able to ‘file’ away your experiences and learning at night when you rest. The effect of sleep on your ability to easily access information is well documented. A psychologist at the University of Exeter identified that “Sleep almost doubles our chances of remembering previously unrecalled material.” So, it seems, that last minute revision for an important meeting may actually be useful just before bed.

Take out the trash

The Dalai Lama once said that ‘sleep is the best meditation’. Sleep enables your mind to clear out the toxins that it has accumulated over time. So every night (in theory) is garbage removal day for your brain. Our brain accumulates by products of neural activity over time and these are actively ‘cleansed’ during sleep through metabolic processes.

Now could someone hand me a pillow, please?


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