Collection: Beds For Sale

The beds for sale from The Bed Guy include a wide range of high quality and affordable bed products. Packed with features that will solve any sleep requirement, our base and mattress sets cater for various sleep issues, all sleep positions, solutions for heavy individuals, restless partner wars and more. Bed deliveries are straight to your door in a very short delivery time-frame.

Beds on Sale

We always have a range of beds on sale. We regularly select beds and mattresses to run on promotion so you can get the best sleep deals. These specials cover every size and style to suit any bedroom. If you need a mattress for bunk beds, there will also be a good deal going on those beds. Shop our range of bed specials online now for the best bed deals.

Types of Beds for Sale to Buy

There are quite a few different types of beds on the market today. The most common types are Bonnell spring base and mattress sets, memory foam bed sets, high-density foam, pocket springs, and high-density foam beds and mattresses. Some hybrid bed types combine spring and foam, specialized foam types include gel memory foam and latex beds for sale. Each of these types has its own unique set of features, advantages, and benefits.

Bed sizes

There are five South African standard sizes. Those are single, three-quarter, double, queen-size beds, and king beds for sale. We carry all of them, including extra-length beds and mattresses, which offer a solution for taller individuals. Extra-length beds measure 200cm in length. Single beds are considered the best bed for children, can also be handy in the hospitality industry, and have a measurement of 91 cm in width. Double beds 137 cm wide are popular if you prefer a space-friendly bedroom style. Check out our bed size guide if you need any information on that.

Bedroom Styles

Kitting out your bedroom for comfort and style is easy with our range of bedroom furniture. From a classy bed base to a matching headboard, you can update your bedroom décor at affordable prices. Tip: When designing your ultimate bedroom, it is important to measure out the room to ensure your beds and bedroom furniture all fit in. Consider bed measurements to see what size bed you can accommodate, be it a single, queen bed, or any other sizes.

What to look for when buying a bed

Comfort and function are the most important factors when choosing the bed to buy. Your bed requirements should be based on your sleep position and weight, and any sleep ailments should be taken into account. When selecting your preferred bed set, you may need to consider the extra sleeping space available in our king-size beds, or you might need to look for mattresses for heavyweights. These are all available in our online bed store. Always check for a sturdy bed base, too. If you need any bed-buying advice, please do not hesitate to give us a shout, and we will gladly assist in finding your dream beds for sale, bases, or modern design bedroom theme items. We have an updated and informative bed-buying guide. too

What is a good price for a bed?

Our average bed price is between R1699.00 and R13,999. Bed prices depend on size, materials, and type. You can expect to spend at least R1800 on a budget-friendly mattress and up to R12,000 on an orthopedic mattress. You need a comfortable mattress that promotes quality sleep and sufficient rest.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Our bed prices are already low because we do not deal in overpriced big-brand beds. Our mattresses are selected from factories that have a proven track record, not only in quality but also in superior value for money. Because of this, we can provide you with the best price guarantee on our beds for sale. Shopping for beds online in our bed store will ensure you get high-quality bed products at the best price available. We will beat any price on a comfort mattress or bed set.

Bed warranties explained.

A bed warranty is an undertaking that your bed or mattress is free from defects. In the case of an issue, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at their discretion, the bed at a cost to the customer. Warranties range between 2 and 20 years. It is important to note that this is not an indication of the lifespan of the mattress. It is essential to note the terms and conditions that come with your purchased mattress to understand the dos and don'ts of your warranty. Some manufacturers will insist that a mattress protector is also purchased to

Why buy beds from The Bed Guy?

Our professional and experienced customer service is key to our relationship with our sleepers. We strive to provide excellent service, quick delivery, and competitive prices. With over 17 years of experience, we understand the importance of a happy customer who benefits from the best sleep experience. We also carry a comprehensive range of bedroom furniture items, such as stylish pedestals, free-standing headboards, and bed frames, that will complement all styles, including a contemporary bedroom look and feel. Remember, we deliver to your door anywhere in Gauteng for your convenience. Our delivery guys have been with us for years and know how to set up your beds or the furniture for your bedroom sanctuary. Get your beds for sale from The Bed Guy and get the best night's rest.