Does sleep help you lose weight?

sleep lose weight

Does sleep help you lose weight?

Does sleep help you lose weight? In short, YES! If you are battling to shed some extra kilos before summer peeks its head around the corner, you may want to check out your sleep situation to make sure you can be in tip top shape.

A good sleep regime that consists of quality sleep rather than sleep quantity and is essential for healthy weight reduction. This elusive quality sleep can directly effect your weight. While you may think that because you get eight hours a night, your sleep is sorted. The fact though is that if the sleep surface is unsuitable, you may as well not be sleeping at all.

Why is quality sleep good for my weight?

Quality sleep is when your body gets the right amount of restful or undisturbed sleep. When you have an unsuitable sleep surface your body will keep tossing and turning during the night. This breaks your sleep patterns and promotes the production of the hunger causing hormones leptin and ghrelin. This makes you wake hungrier that usual and also makes you feel less satisfied after eating, making you eat more at mealtimes.

An broken sleep pattern is also linked to an imbalance of insulin and insulin and glucose levels. A consequence of this is that your body does not metabolize your fat cells properly and leads fatty cell retention.

We all know how grumpy we can be when we wake up. Usually this bad mood disappears as we become more awake. But if we have a had broken sleep we take much longer to get our smiles back. This leads people to eat to feel better and is a result of a stress hormone called cortisol being released. When we are stressed a comfort craving is often the result and often takes the form of junk food. Speaking of diet and food, did you know that turmeric is great for weight control too?

Getting quality sleep

Quality sleep need not difficult to get. There are many factors that can help you get that but the most important part is choosing the right mattress. You will need to invest in something that is a medium feel and combines support and comfort. This combination ensures a restful sleep that helps your body rest and recover. This also allows for the correct hormone distribution during sleep which helps your body to regulate your weight better.

Getting the best quality sleep can help with your weight loss