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Double Bed With Storage Base

Buy a double bed with storage base and unclutter your room. A storage base is the ideal solution if you have excess items that don’t fit into your cupboard. It is also great for kids rooms where everything tends to be stored on the floor.

Buying the right double bed with storage

We have multiple options available to suit your needs. It is a simple as selecting a double mattress from our range, and then adding a double storage base to that. You will be able to choose the best mattress for your needs based on weight rating, comfort level and mattress type. These choices will then make up the best option to buy for your bedroom.

Importance of the correct mattress choice.

Selecting the correct mattress to make up your double bed with storage base is very important. Different types have different features that you will need to consider when buying. For example your sleep position, weight and sleep issues. Some models will be better suited for people who have back pains or sore joints. Our mattress guide will make your life easier so you can decide on the best option to go onto the base. be sure to get a mattress that will keep you sleeping soundly night after night.

Delivery of your double bed with storage base

We offer speedy delivery of your bed set anywhere in Gauteng. The lead time on these items are 2-3 working days so you can have a top quality mattress and a convenient storage solution delivered to your door in the shortest possible time.

The rooms that are available these days are getting smaller and smaller. Apartment type living is becoming ever more popular so this solution will be a good investment. Our kids rooms, as we all know, are often cluttered with items that trip us up and take up valuable space that could be managed better. Unclutter the room and maximize living space with a double bed with storage base.

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