Double Foam Beds

Our double foam beds for sale come in various types to suit any sleep need and any budget. These beds are very popular for those who have limited space in the main room, spare room or kids bedrooms.

Buying a foam bed is a good idea for several reasons. They are durable, easy to clean, have various comfort levels and suit all sleep positions.

Double Foam Beds
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Showing all 6 results

The benefits of a double foam bed.

When looking to buy a double bed, foam options offer a number of benefits. From the size advantages to the varying comfort levels, ease of cleaning and more.

Size matters

The size of your bedroom will be the first thing you need to look at before purchasing your new bed. Many rooms are simply too small for anything bigger than a double. Also take into account the other items that will be taking up space like wardrobes and pedestals. This will influence the space you have a available. The great thing about this size is that it will fit into most rooms and accommodate 2 adults so if this is your first home or apartment it will be a great bed to buy.

Comfort and support

Double foam beds will not only fit the bedroom space but will also has various options that will fit your comfort requirement. From high density re-bonded options to other foam models that have multiple layers. Each Double foam bed has its own unique set of properties that will fit your budget and support requirement. The entry level beds tend to have a  soft to medium comfort level while the upper end beds tend to be firmer. Should you prefer to have a softer sleep surface, your other option may be a double memory foam bed. Either way you choose to go ,both options will provide great support and comfort and will be a great purchase.

There are so many benefits to this bed size and type that you will get a good nights sleep at a very good price with any of our double foam beds.