How a Dark Room and a Better Mattress can Improve Your Sleep

improve your sleep

Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to fall asleep. You roll around during the night and struggle to get comfortable. When you do manage to reach comfort, there just seems to be something else stopping you from going to sleep. Many people suffer from sleeping problems. In some cases, the solution may be complicated, where in other cases, it can be as simple as making sure your room is dark enough and your mattress is perfectly suited for your body.

How a dark room can improve your sleep

Sleeping in a dark room sounds logical, right? In reality, most of us sleep in a room filled with artificial light that can seriously mess with our sleep. When it starts to get dark outside, our bodies naturally begin to produce a hormone called melatonin. This hormone is there to make you feel sleepy and tell your body it’s time to shut down after a busy day and go into rest mode.

The thing is, melatonin production is triggered by darker light observed through the optical nerve. It sends a message to the pineal gland that increases its production to make you fall asleep. However, with artificial light from cellphones, televisions and laptop screens, ambient light from outside, flickering lights from alarm systems, etc., the release of melatonin is reduced. This means you will struggle to fall asleep as your environment is just too light.

If you make your room darker by investing in block-out curtains and removing any electronic flashing lights, you will already experience a difference in your sleep quality. It’s also essential to avoid looking at screens at least half an hour before bedtime, a habit that’s really hard to break.

Change your mattress for better sleep

Your mattress may be another possible cause for your sleeplessness. A comfortable mattress will support your hips, knees and spine and allow you to sleep without straining or putting pressure on any body points. Common problems of a mattress that is disrupting your sleep include one that’s too short, too firm or too soft or one that has poor ventilation and can’t regulate your body temperature properly. This will leave you rolling around in discomfort and you will wake up feeling achy and unrested.

Invest in a new mattress and get a professional to help you find the best one to fit to your body’s morphology. If you feel comfortable the second you climb into bed, and your room is dark when you turn off the light, a good night’s sleep is not far away. Improve your sleep the easy way