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Is beauty sleep real?

Is beauty sleep real?

There are many people that ask the question, is beauty sleep real?

The simple answer is yes! Beauty sleep is a thing and we will tell you why. But lets first get into what it actually means

What is beauty sleep? 

Beauty sleep is not just getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. It is getting the right amount of quality sleep every evening. It does not help getting eight hours, or even more, if you do not have quality sleep. Quality sleep refers to amount of restful sleep you get during the night. This restful stage is the deep sleep phase where your body and mind can rest and rejuvenate. It is during this phase of sleep that your bodies largest organ, the skin, can recover form things like exposure and pollution. Your face muscles will also enter a state of relaxation. The “repair hormone”, melatonin, is also released into your body. So beauty sleep can really be another term for quality or clean sleep, a sleep with no disruptions and long periods of deep sleep.

What really happens

To understand the process we need to look at exactly what happens to us during sleep. What magic takes place to keep us looking young? In order to get to the bottom of that we need to look at the connection between sleep and skin health that is brought on by sleep cycles. During sleep our bodies go through various stages of sleep, each stage has a different effect on our bodies. During the first three or so hours of sleep, the hormone called somatotropin is released into your system. This is a growth hormone that aids in maintaining young and radiant skin.

The following two hours of sleep are generally considered to be the hours that help produce melatonin, a hormone responsible for your sleep/wake cycles. Melatonin also helps your skin to build a defense against free radicals that can be cause by dust, smog, cigarette smoke, floor cleaners, pesticides, UVA & UVB rays etc.

The third sleep phase of importance is the REM, or dream phase when the cortisol levels decrease. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for your stress levels. This sleep period provides the greatest muscle relaxation and lowest body temperature levels. Because your facials muscles are also relaxing, this period gives you the best recovery period of the night.

Tips for getting the best beauty sleep

Getting the best nights sleep is vital and you should consider several things in order to achieve it. A clean or quality sleep regime is a good start to getting your beauty sleep. There are many articles that will help you decide on your own bedtime ritual that will enable you to get the best quality sleep. It is also important to ensure that you are on the correct sleep surface for your body to be able to rest properly. A mattress that does not suit your sleep requirement could very well be detrimental in getting the best sleep. Care should be taken to select the right mattress.

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