King Size Foam Beds

Our range of king size foam beds for sale come in a variety of options. The range includes entry level models for the budget shopper as well as the upper end that caters for the luxury market. We also have a few models that will be a good buy for those who need a bed that takes a heavy weight sleeper.

All of our beds available for purchase carry quality assurances from the manufacturers. These beds offer great support with uniform support across the sleep surface for the best spinal alignment during sleep.

King Size Foam Beds
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Showing all 4 results

The benefits of king size foam beds

There are several benefits to buying king size foam beds. These include the size, comfort levels, spinal support structure and of course, the best price options.

Size and dimensions

When buying any bed you will need to make sure that the bed will actually fit into the room. In this case the bed will measure 183cm in width x 188cm in length, or 200cm for extra length. This is the biggest size you can get as far as the standard South African dimensions are concerned and is bigger than the queen size options. The mattress heights will differ depending on the model that you choose.

Comfort and support

High density foam bed sets are some of the top rated beds you can get as far as comfort and support is concerned. The foam layers offer superior support in that they offer an uniform firmness level across the entire sleep surface. They also have a high degree of elasticity so that your body can achieve the the correct sleep position and ease lower back pain.

Affordability of king size foam beds

When you compare prices for the same size bed in other mattress types, these beds often prove to be the most popular because of their low price points. This adds good value to your purchase so you will save money on these bed types.

If you need large sleep surface, a comfortable, supportive and affordable option that you can order online you will not be disappointed with our range king size foam beds.