Lack of a Good Night’s Rest causing deminished output ?

Lack of a Good Night’s Rest causing deminished output ? Here are survey results taken from PROJECT CBD:

“1521 people were examined, people who used CBD to assist with sleep issues.

  • CBD improved their ability to fall asleep quicker – the average time to fall asleep went from 62 to 20 minutes.
  • CBD promoted a better Quality sleep (they went from waking 4 times a night on average to just Once.)
  • A significant 75% on non-CBD users surveyed reported waking up tires, while just 9% of people using CBD reported the same thing. “

Now these are the kind of figures that prove success to me.

Cannabis, also known as maijuana, evolved about 500 years BC. It has a long history of human use. Most ancinet cultures grew the plant for Medicinal purposes – a herbal medicine.

So why am I telling you this? For a plant that has been around this many years, and is still used to this day, it Must work! I personally put a put drops of CBD oil under my tongue every night before I go to bed. I fall asleep much quicker than normal and I stay asleep longer.

It may be a bit expensive currently, but it is definitely worth the cash outlay. 30ml could hit you anwhere from R300 to R800. Be sure to check that your supplier is registered and is in possesion of the various certified documents. it is also your right to ask to see a copy of the ingredients used in the CBD oil.

A very big benefit of CBD is that it assists in controlling pain, pain which leads to a lack of sleep. If you are in pain at night when you are trying to sleep, you don’t sleep deeply. I have a hip replacement, and CBD oil has gotten me through many a painful night. Lack of a Good Night’s Rest causing deminished output ?

The result of CBD Oil? Sleep improves – therefore mood improves, daily output improves, pain improves. Try it!!