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Mattress Prices

Mattress prices vary greatly in South Africa. You can  get the really affordable ones and also ones that the average shopper will never be able to afford and are reserved for the ultra well off. The most important factor to consider though is which of these will give you a better quality sleep. The best bed for you need not be the one that sits at the top of your budget.

Factors that influence mattress prices

  • Materials used in the mattress-  In the construction of mattresses there are several technologies used. Memory foam, innerspring, latex, etc. Of these types latex tends to be the most expensive while innerspring and entry level high density foam are the more affordable ones. The mid range options are innerspring with additional foam layers and multilayered high density foam options.
  • Brand reputation and popularity- There are several well established big brands in South Africa. The most popular ones being Sealy, Cloud Nine, Rest Assured, Restonic  and a few more. They have been around for ages and have good track records in the industry. There important factor to take into account though is that they are very much over priced due to the heavy infrastructure that they need to support, such as massive property and warehousing costs, staff sizes, transport infrastructure, financial responsibilities to the board to maximize profits and the likes. The question that begs answering is, are they value for money?
  • Size of the mattress – There are five sizes in the South African Market. Single, three quarter, double, queen and king. The single is the smallest and cheapest while the king is the largest and the highest price.
  •  Additional features- There are some models with features that add to the benefit list of the mattresses and of coarse also add to the cost. Some of these additional features are pillow top, cooling gel technology, no-turn models, etc.

Budget-Friendly Mattress Prices

There are many online mattress companies with competitive pricing. They do not have the traditional overheads of a brick and mortar retailer and as such can pass those savings on to you.

Local is lekker and there are several independent manufacturers that make very high quality beds at a fraction of the cost of the big brand beds. They have all the technologies available to them to match, if not, exceed the quality of the established brands. So it is a good idea to ask your bed shop about these options.

The True Value of a Good Mattress

Finding the best value for money mattress comes down to how well it allows you to sleep.

Health benefits of a quality mattress

Quality sleep is the most important factor to consider when buying a new mattress. There are a heap of benefits that will help you physically, mentally and emotionally. Consider options that will suit your sleep position, address any issues like sore joints and lower back pain. Once these are address your can then look  at the mattress prices for one of these models that will suit you best.

Long-term cost savings of investing in a good mattress

We all know the local phrase, “goedkoop is duurkoop” and that is true for mattresses too. There are a multitude of these lower end items on just about every street corner in our towns. While they may look the part the problem is that you never know what is inside. So be cautious of these because you find you have to replace them often.

How to find the best mattress for your budget and sleep needs

When looking at mattress prices you will need to make a few decisions based on quality sleep vs budget. But the positive is that, as we have shown, that the most expensive beds at the top of your budget are not always “the best” options and you can afford to get a high quality item that provides quality at a cost that is lower than expected. The bottom line is that if you do your due diligence then you can get the best sleep at lower mattress prices.

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