Mattress protector – What to look for

mattress protector

Well if you have kids, it is imperative that your mattress protector is Waterproof. This might be the most important decision swayer for a toddler bed. If you have a late nappy wearer like my child, “glipsies” can happen at any given time. At one point I remember having to change his nappy in the middle of the night to avoid a wet bed the next morning. Have you tried to get a wee smell out of a mattress – not possible. We even had one on our kin size bed for when he came to sleep with us. Many a night I had to sleepwalk to fetch a towel to sleep on, now can you imagine that seeping into your mattress and being trapped in the pocket or foam layers? Yuck…

Another thing my son enjoys is drinking his morning decaf coffee in my bed. and messing it – Every.Single.Time. But it doesn’t end there, just last week I had a lovely orange oros stain on my sheet – luckily my mattress protector is waterproof. But the sheet – not so much. Did you know that oros stains? I didn’t. well bye-bye sheet. Atleast it wasn’t bye bye R10k mattress.

The second factor to consider is that a mattress protector guards against bed bugs. Once bed bugs have made themselves at home in your mattress, it will cost you far more moola to have them removed than the mattress cover itself.

If you are a sensitive sleeper, Hypoallergenic protectors are the way to go. Pretty much the same consistency you looked for when choosing a cot mattress. Tencel or Bamboo covers will be your way to go here. Tencel is branded as Lyocell, which are produced through environmentally responsible processes. As you know, the “greener” the better. Wood pulp and spinning is involved, to give you a high level idea. And it is 50% more absorbent than cotton.

I hope this has helped you in your quest to find the correct mattress cover. over and out.