Mattresses and Bed Bugs continued..

mattresses bed bugs

Who knew bed bugs in your mattresses were such a controversial topic? The more I read and write about this, the more fascinated (and peturbed) I actually am. Such a small little creature with so much power to upset your household.

But don’t panic, you can get rid of bed bugs quite easily, it takes a bit of time so have some patience. If you have a large infestation, you may need to try a few different variants of chemicals. If you travel often or have a lot of clutter in your home, you may have a tougher time. So while we are in this Covid phase of our lives, get rid of your clutter! I actually started with my son’s room last week, and it was so therapeutic, I can now open his cupboard door and nothing falls out! Yee-haaaa small actions for a bigger win!

But again I digress….if you can’t get rid of these buggies yourself, you will need to contact an exterminator. A quick and easy way to trap buggies is with a vacuum cleaner, run it over any possible hiding places – beds, dressing tables, carpets, TV’s etc. wash your bedding and pj’s immediately to contain any spread. Using a tumble drier on the highest temperature for about half an hour also does the trick.

If the furniture, like couches cannnot be cleaned, throw them away. You will do yourself a favour in the longrun. Another good tip is to move your bed about 5 cm away from the wall so that they cannot climb back on. Couches react very well to Steam Cleaning. Not all carpet cleaning company’s have a true steam cleaning service, so do your homework first and check their references. A good way is to pop onto Facebook and pose the question of a good local steam cleaning company in your area.

Once all visible buggies are gone, make the mattress inhospitable for new ones – this is where the Mattress Protector comes into play. No more bed bugs in your mattresses 🙂