MH Classic Queen Size Mattress


  • Queen Innerspring Mattress Only
  • 10mm Airothene Pad Comfort Layer
  • Turn Mattress
  • Quilted Aloe Vera Natural Fibre
  • 70 kg Per Person
  • 5 year warranty

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  • Free Delivery on orders over R2999.00
  • R150 Delivery fee orders under R2999.00
  • 2-3 Working day lead time
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The MH Classic Queen Size Mattress is an affordable bed that is the perfect solution for kids or teens rooms and spare rooms too. It has a comfortable and supportive sleep surface with a medium to firm feel comfort level.

Supportive sleep surface

The mattress top has a high-density foam layer and a that gives you a supportive and comfortable sleep. The surface also provides a better spine alignment by allowing the body to adjust without contact with the support structure of the mattress. The Bonnell spring system gives great spinal support during the night in any sleep position.

Quilted Aloe Vera infused fabrics of the MH Classic Queen Size Mattress

Known for its natural anti-biotic, anti-microbial, and anti-septic properties. Aloe Vera is incorporated into the sleeping surface fabric to promote a healthy and rejuvenating sleep. It renews skin cells and restores natural balance, promoting softness and shine.

Additional side and corner supports

Additional side and middle supports are standard on this mattress, extending the sleep surface by keeping the outer edges firm and giving strength to the sides. This allows for your body weight to be carried on the edges without collapsing. The middle supports keep the inside of your mattress aligned. this feature will keep the mattress from sagging in the middle and as a result, keep your body in perfect alignment during sleep.

Comfortable foam layer

The mattress has a airothene pad and then a foam layer that top the springs provide support and comfort. The layers start from the firmest close to the spring to add to the support of the spine while finishing with the soft layer closest to the sleep surface to provide a cushioned and comfortable sleep

The MH Classic Queen Size Mattress has a Bonnell spring support system

Keeping the body perfectly aligned during sleep is a Bonnell spring system that provides an even feel and extra support. It gives a quality support structure for your comfort. The system provides great ventilation which is also important for maintaining the right sleep temperature to keep you in a restful and rejuvenating sleep environment. This will help you achieve quality sleep.  This is the perfect bed set for budget shoppers who need a supportive and comfortable sleep surface. It is both affordable and high quality so if that is your requirement you may need to consider buying the MH Classic Queen size Mattress.

Additional information

Standard or extra length

Extra length 200cm, Standard length 188cm


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