Morning back stiffness

morning back stiffness

Morning back stiffness

Are you waking up with morning back stiffness even though you think you are sleeping properly?

This is a very common issue when it comes to putting your thumb on the cause of the stiffness. The fact is that although you might think you are sleeping well, you may just not be aware of the underlying cause because, well, you are asleep.

Many individuals that believe that are sleeping well are not. And the cause of this is an incorrectly matched sleep surface. I most important factor to consider is that although you might be comfortable on your mattress, it may not be suited to your body.

While your body might feel comfortable to start out, it may be trying to rectify its position during the night. The most common cause of this is a mattress that is too firm or too soft. When the mattress is too firm, the hips and shoulders can’t sink into a neutral position. This causes the spine to sink lower than it should. Your muscles will try to pull it back into the correct position which is what causes the muscles to fatigued.

On the flip side if the surface is too firm, the hips and shoulders will sink too low. this causes the spine to bow upwards. This has the same effect on the muscles and results in the same tension in the muscles.

To achieve the best spinal alignment, we recommend either a memory foam mattress, a gel infused memory foam type or a latex mattress. The benefits of these types of mattresses are that they have the perfect consistency in support. This will almost eliminate morning back stiffness. The properties of these mattresses allow the hips and shoulders to sink to the correct depth. This keeps the spine in its proper position.