Luxury foam beds

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Luxury foam beds


 Luxury foam beds. These premium mattresses offer the best-in-class for comfort and support. Memory gel and latex mattresses are considered luxurious and the absolute top of the range when it comes to a comfortable night.

Latex mattresses specifically are sought after for their temperature regulation, bounciness and contouring properties – all of which offer you relief from back, shoulder and other joint pain. Unlike memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are not activated by body heat, but rather by the natural properties of the latex itself. They are heavier and denser than other mattresses and proved excellent support for heavier sleepers.

Memory gel mattresses are in a similar class to latex, however are classified as hybrid foam mattresses – being neither pure latex nor memory foam. Memory gel mattresses comprise a memory foam which is infused with a gel – providing better temperature control than memory foam, and the spring of a latex mattress.

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