King luxury foam base and mattress sets

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King luxury foam base and mattress sets

King luxury foam base and mattress sets from The bed guy. Now you can truly sleep like a king without having the bank balance of the royal family.

Made to be the most luxurious beds available, our luxury ranges are truly the best of the best. The luxury range consists of latex foam and a gel infused memory foam. Both of these units have similar features that create the best sleeping experience available.

Apart from the premium sleep surface, the beds offer unrivaled support for the best sleeping position. They also give you the best cushioning to gently support your pressure point areas such as hips and shoulders. This helps guard against sore and stiff joints on waking.

The forgiving surface also allows the best circulation ensuring no dead leg of pins and needles ensuring the best and most restful sleep.

As always The bed guy has the best of the best, at a better price!



Luxury foam base and mattress sets

King size memory foam gel bed-Ortho tec

R8,499.00 R7,649.10
R13,750.00 R12,375.00