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South African king size mattresses measure 183 cm wide and 188 cm long. Extra length models are available and measure 183 cm wide and 200 cm long. King size mattresses are the biggest standard size available in SA. Made for space and comfort which allows the sleepers the best option for space and an undisturbed sleep. King size mattresses are also great if you have a large family (including a pet or two) and its great for TV time on a Sunday morning or movies on cold nights.

A king size mattress is great for sleepers who need undisturbed sleep. I gives each sleeper the most space to stretch out without bumping and waking each other. Undisturbed sleep is essential for proper mental and physical performance during the day. We have all of the types of beds that will help you get that quality sleep.If you need a personal solution please feel free to give me a shout on 0797763257. I look forward to chatting.


innerspring mattress only

King size mattress-Firm rest euro top


Foam mattress for sale

King size foam mattress-Posture max


innerspring mattress only

King size mattress-Spine-o-pedic


innerspring mattress only

King size mattress-Classic


innerspring mattress only

King size mattress-Sensation


innerspring mattress only

King size mattress-Elegance euro top


king size mattress only

King size memory foam mattress-Q-aloe


King pocket spring mattress only

King size pocket spring mattress-Executive


King size latex foam mattress

King size latex mattress-Chiro plus