Queen Size Bed Mattress Only

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Queen size mattresses in South Africa have a measurement of 152 cm wide and 188 cm long. Extra length versions are available and will measure 152 cm wide and 200 cm long. Arguably the most popular size on the market. A queen size mattress offers enough space for most couples thereby giving both partners a chance for undisturbed, quality sleep. The importance of quality sleep has come into focus in recent times. It has been shown that poor quality sleep can negatively affect your life in a number of ways which consequently ruins your days.

With all of the technologies available you can be assured that you will have the space and the sleep surface to get the best nights sleep. This will give you a mental and physical boost  to help you truly perform at your best. To find out exactly which bed is best suited to you please give me a shout on 0797763257. I look forward to helping you find the right solution.