King size memory foam mattress

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King size memory foam mattress

A king size memory foam mattress in South Africa measures 183 cm wide and 1 88 cm long for standard length. It is also available in an extra length option of 200 cm long.

Memory foam mattresses are considered one of the best options when it comes to comfort and support. The foam is a heat sensitive and softens to your body heat. This gives you an extremely comfortable cushioned and comforting sleep. The support core still gives you the support that your spine needs. The combination of these two properties gives you the best sleep position. This helps you get the right amount of quality sleep at night.

Quality sleep is the best way for your body to recover and recoup. Without it, you could be increasing your risk to numerous health issues. These would include obesity, stroke, high blood pressure and type two diabetes to name a few. Quality sleep refers to the amount of undisturbed sleep that you get. It is not about how many hours you sleep anymore. A king size memory foam mattress has the support and comfort as well as the space for your to get an undisturbed nights sleep. It will boost your rest and recovery to make everyday your dream day.

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