Single memory foam mattress

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Single memory foam mattress

Single memory foam mattress sales from The bed guy. Memory foam mattresses are considered to be the best technology to use for a combination of support and comfort. These are the two essential components of good quality sleep.

 Support is an essential part of your posture health. Posture is the alignment of your entire musco skeletal system and not , as many people believe, just the position of your spine. It means the proper alignment of all of your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, organs and every little thing that makes up you body. If your posture is in an unnatural position during sleep, the whole body is at odds and will try to compensate in some manner. This will create a broken sleep cycle which will leave you exhausted and unfocused the following day.

The comfort level of the bed refers to it’s ability to cushion the body properly. This allows for optimum circulation and proper distribution of hormones during sleep. This is essential for growth and repair of muscles.