Pocket spring mattresses consist of individual spring coils which are wrapped in their own foam pocket.

They are therefore able to move independently, as they are not attached to each other. This means that pocket spring mattresses provide excellent support and are able to adjust to the contours of your body.

Have you ever slept next to a partner and both ended up in the middle of the bed? Well, with a pocket spring mattress, this will definitely not happen! You and your partner will sleep easily and comfortably on your own side of the bed (unless of course you choose not to…).

The Bed Guy stocks a range of sizes of pocket spring mattresses, with and without bases. Choose your size and your base to suit your budget and look forward to a great night’s sleep again.


Pocket spring beds

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Pocket spring beds

Pocket spring beds are made up using hundreds of individual springs that are encased in a soft fabric material. This allows the springs to act and move independently from each other. The effect that is created ensures that there is no transfer of movement between the springs. This keeps the mattress from moving when one partner is turning

the individual springs also give your body a better alignment during sleep so that the spine is in its proper position. this stops your muscles from working overtime at night which stops morning back stiffness. The lose pockets also cushion the pressure points of the body like the hips, shoulders and elbows. That feature stops the

You can buy this bed online with our easy to use and secure online shop. We deliver anywhere in Gauteng too. These beds are available in all the sizes from single through to king.