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Double bed-firm rest euro top


Superior spinal support • For slightly heavier sleepers • Relieves lower back pain • Improved circulation • Deeper rest • Proper weight distribution • Great for all sleeping positions • Full sleep surface • Good ventilation • 20 year service warranty •  120 kg per person weight rating • Firm feel



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Euro top comfort

The euro top is made up of an additional comfort layer that is attached directly on top of the mattress.  The euro top pillow lines up with edge of the mattress to create a flush and uniform comfort top. The extra layer also provides a higher comfort level. Due to its design, the euro top generally has a higher durability. This feature will also allow the mattress to retain its shape better over time.

High quality quilted jacquard facrics

Jacquard fabrics are stronger and more flexible than those with basic weaves. Making it washable, durable & long lasting. In addition, a soft and silky touch is the result of the deep quilted finish on the fabric. Not only is the fabric stronger, it is also thicker than many other types of weave. This provides a better cushion surface  for your comfort. Jacquard is very durable and very easy to keep clean

Additional corner and side supports

Extra side and middle supports are standard on this mattress thereby extending the sleep surface by keeping the outer edges firm, adding strength to the sides. This allows for your body weight to be carried on the edges without the possibility of collapse. The middle supports keep the inside of your mattress aligned. This feature will keep the mattress from sagging in the middle and as a result keep your body in prefect alignment during sleep.

Bonnel spring support structure

Keeping the body perfectly aligned during sleep is a Bonnell spring system. It gives superior support for your comfort. The system provides great ventilation which is also important for maintaining the right sleep temperature to keep you in a restful and rejuvenating sleep environment.

High density foam comfort layers

The foam layers that top the spring system provide support and comfort. The layers start from the firmest close to the spring to add to the the support of the spine while finishing with the soft layer closest to the top to provide a cushioned and comfortable sleep


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