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King size foam bed-Posture max


3 layered high density foam * Promotes proper spinal alignment * Durable construction * Excellent spinal support * No partner disturbance * Easy to clean * Medium to firm feel * 10 year service warranty * Weight rating 100 kg per person



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Multi layered foam construction

A high degree of comfort and support is provided by the solid support core and multi layers of foam. It has three foam layers that consists of the support core and double sided luxury foam layers that provide the comfort needed for a supportive and comfortable sleeping position.

Quality circular knit fabric

For a resilient and durable fabric, a circular knit fabric is the best option. The fabric is very strong and provides a longer life on the mattress surface. In addition to its strength is a smooth and comfortable feel for your comfort. The high stretch fabric will stop bunching and eliminate any chance of a lumpy feel

High weight tolerance

Due to the strength of the support core and the upper foam layers, the mattress is well suited to carry a load without compromising its shape or structure. Because of the full foam structure, the body weight is supported from head to toe with the foam layers conforming to the different weighted areas to give support provide proper alignment during sleep.

Durable and long lasting

Because of the high quality features of the mattress, it is a clear favorite for life span and cleanliness. This makes the mattress the top choice for mid range hospitality establishments, hostel use and of course, robust kids.

2 x sturdy six leg bases

The bases of the bed are made to be strong and sturdy. Gluing and taking the bases together makes sure they do not move or creak when you move. The inside of the bases has extra corner supports and cross beams. This ensures support of the mattress and makes sure that is does not sag.Each bed base has six legs to add to the stability of the entire unit


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