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King size mattress-Sensation


Euro top comfort and luxury * Reduces allergies * Minimizes pressure point pain * No more sore joints * Improved spinal support * Relieves lower back stiffness * Less partner disturbance * Promotes circulation * Ventilates well * Weight rating 120 kg per person * 24 month guarantee, 20 year warranty



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Euro top luxury sleep surface

The pillow top is packed full of high density foams to give you a cushioned and comfortable sleep. The box top also provides a better alignment of the spine by allowing the body to adjust without contact with the support structure of the mattress. The box top also absorbs a certain amount of partner movement, giving you an undisturbed sleep.

Bonnell spring sleep technology

The design of the spring system gives you a unit that will last many years.We know how important a factor  circulation is for better sleep. Spring mattresses have a a lot of space between surfaces, and hence allow easy ventilation. This helps to regulate body heat consequently promoting better sleep.

High density foam comfort layers

The medium density foams keep the sleeper comfortable during the night. They allow for the best circulation and also stop pressure points that would keep you tossing and turning during sleep. This will help you reach a deep sleep that is considered to be great for your overall health.

Additional side and corner supports

To enjoy the full sleeping surface of the mattress, extra side supports are inserted. This gives the sleeper a larger area to sleep on. The extra supports consequently stop border wire bending. This either happens when you sit on the side of the bed to put shoes on or when getting dressed.

100% natural bamboo fabric

The bamboo fabric is a renewable resource. Due to its ventilating properties it provides acool touch feel.Bamboo is  naturally antibacterial and hypo-allergenic. The fabric protects against odors and has a silky smooth texture , hence its luxury feel. Due to its natural make up, the mattress is great for keeping cotton based allergens away


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