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Queen size memory foam gel bed-Ortho tec


Memory foam gel pillow top * Exceptional lumbar support * Relieves lower back stiffness * Reduced partner disturbance * No pressure point pains * Relief of sore and stiff joints * Keeps you cool * Sturdy six leg base * Weight rating 130 kg per person * 15 year service warranty



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Memory gel pillow top

The pillow top is packed full of high density foams and topped with ultra luxury gel memory foam. The gel memory foam allows for ventilation through the memory foam as it creates micro breathing pores in the foam thereby keeping fresh air circulating through the mattress. The gel also slightly “tightens up” the memory foam giving it a firmer feeling than standard memory foam without sacrificing the superior comfort of the foam. The pillow also absorbs a certain amount of partner movement, giving you an undisturbed sleep.

Dual support spring system

Majestic dream support base and mattress set king 183cm

The double up spring system provides better stability, helps stop motion transfer and gives better air circulation. The spring system provides the best support and durability. This makes the bed a good choice when considering the natural alignment of your body during sleep. This is very important for growing children. The spring system is also very sturdy which extends the life of the mattress. Because of its strength , the mattress will support your entire body structure,  providing you with optimum comfort.

No turn convenience

This feature provides you with ease of rotation. in addition, turn mattresses are lighter which makes the task of rotation a lot easier. Yet another benefit is that you usually have twice as many comfort layers which relieve pressure points on your body.  That will also reduce motion transfer.

Luxury deep quilted fabrics

In addition to the good looks, silky and soft feel, the fabric is also durable, tough, tear resistant and easy to clean. A more cushioned feeling is another great feature provided by the deep quilted fabric.

Sturdy six leg base

The base of the bed is made to be strong and sturdy. Gluing and taking the base together makes sure it does not move or creak when you move. The inside of the base has extra corner supports and cross beams. This ensures support of the mattress and makes sure that is does not sag. The bed base has six legs to add to the stability of the entire unit



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