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Queen size pocket spring mattress-Executive


Pocket spring euro top * Exceptional lumbar support * Eases lower back pain * Reduces pressure point pain * Optimizes circulation * Minimal partner disturbance * Cushions sensitive joints * Good ventilation * 24 month guarantee * 20 year warranty * 120 kg per person



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Individually wrapped pocket springs

Because of the individually wrapped springs, no movement takes place between sleepers. This provides an undisturbed sleep which is important for quality sleep.The spring system also makes sure that there is no roll together or roll away effect. The spring system has three different tension sections. That provides an “intelligent middle” sleeping area. The different sections  conform to different weights to provide the best posture support.

Luxury foam layers

Overlaying the spring system are layers of the finest quality foam. This gives the sleeper a high degree of comfort. Different layers of high density foam make up the comfort layers, that keeps the body cushioned and comfortable during sleep. The comfort layers also make sure that there is no pressure point pain.

High quality quilting

The final layer of fabric is deep quilted to give you a soft and silky feeling. The fabric is breathable which means that it will regulate your body temperature during the night. It will keep air circulating which will also help to guard against the development of mold which can cause odors.

Unique butterfly side supports

The corner and side supports make the mattress more durable. The side supports extend the sleeping surface of the mattress, allowing you to enjoy the full benefit of the feature. They also stop border collapse when sitting on the edges of the mattress putting on shoes or getting dressed

No turn convenience

The main benefit is that it does not need to be flipped, only rotated. The mattress has more comfort layers on the sleep surface than a turn mattress. This feature helps eliminate motion transfer and helps relieve pain from pressure points.  The mattress is lighter than a turn mattress making it easy to rotate.


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