Protect your Mattress – Bed Bugs

protect your mattress

The best investment you can make for your and your family’s health is a good mattress. A good mattress should have the best protection you can afford as this will increase the lifespan of your mattress. When you are spending anything up to R10k for a King mattress, that is about a 10 to 12 year investment, and you should do your best to protect your mattress.

The words Bed Bug is enough to drive me up the wall ! A good mattress protector will ensure that you don’t have to deal with these pesky little creatures ever. Once they are inside your mattress it is like a colony of infestation. Absolutely disgusting! They lay their eggs (yes eggs!) around the buttons and edges of the mattress. at a rate of 200 eggs per female, you can understand my nausea. How do you know if you have bed bugs you ask? You will see dark rusty coloured spots on the mattress or sheets. Bed bugs are small and feed on human blood – mini draculas lol. (no not funny). And to make matter worse, they hide in the daytime so you can’t see them, then they come out at night to feed.

Bed bugs are NOT NORMAL – don’t believe those who tell you this. Where do they come from? infestations usually stem from any item entering your home, it may be clothes worn on a camping trip, staying at a hotel or even a piece of second hand furniture that you bought. And bed bugs can travel through walls, so if you share a wall with your neighbour, you are not safe from them.

Whenever there are humans living in close proximity to each other, the likelihood of bed bugs increases. (While I am typing this I am scratching my head at the thought…..ugh).

A bed bug bite is red, itchy and a little puffy. So they are often mistaken for flea bites if you have animals in the house. They will keep multiplying until you take action!

Catch my next blog for more on this yucky, but very real, subject on how to protect your mattress.