Queen Size Foam Beds

Our range of queen size foam beds for sale has a variety of options that will suit any sleep requirement at the best prices guaranteed. They come in different options that have a variety of comfort levels and support structures. From entry level models that are the affordable solutions to the upper end types that are at home in the main bedroom where luxurious comfort is non negotiable

Shop online today and get the best value for money bed sets that you an buy. We have speedy local delivery and a best price guarantee so you will be sleeping in style in no time.

Queen Size Foam Beds
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Showing all 6 results

Why buy a queen size foam bed?

These beds are great for couples who like a reasonable amount of space on a sleep surface that offers support and comfort. The price points of these beds is often seen as the best deal you can get for a bed of this size with the features that they have.

Support and comfort

Queen size foam beds are one of the most popular ranges to buy because of their comfort and support features. The company constructs the mattress using multiple layers of high and medium density foams.. A support core usually made from re-bonded foam provides a sturdy foundation. This support core is then topped with one or many different density and hardness foam layers that give you the comfort levels that you prefer.

Superior spinal support

Because of the multi layered foam construction this is one of the best beds you can buy online. The top layer of foam has premium elasticity which will provide a cushion for your body and allow you to get into the best sleep position. This is a high end feature that allows you to get quality sleep.

Best prices and speedy local delivery

We can get any of the beds in our queen size foam beds range in 2-3 working days. This is a lot quicker than some of the big brand bed retailers that you hear of all the time. We deliver anywhere in Gauteng and have finance options available too

Buying one of these beds is a wise investment not only for your back health but also your budget. When you need the best deal for your back and pocket why not consider our queen size foam beds.