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Single bed mattress size

Single bed mattress size. A single mattress has a standard size of 91 cm wide, 188 cm long for standard length and 200 cm long for extra length. The thickness of a single mattress will vary greatly depending on what type they are.

Different height dimensions of single mattresses

Single foam mattresses

The thinnest mattresses will be in the region of about 12-15 cm in height. They are the real entry level mattresses and are generally made using chip foam which is also known as reconstituted foam. As the quality of the mattress increases so the height of the mattress. Individual mattresses can have anywhere between 20-35 cm in height depending on the

Single memory foam mattresses

These mattresses will have a thickness of between 20-35 cm and some models can be a no turn model which will make it slightly thinner at an average of about 25 cm

Pocket spring single mattresses

Pocket spring units tend to be more uniform for a full pocket spring unit and comes in at about 25-28 cm. Some pocket spring mattresses are a double system or a pocket on Bonnell. That will increase the height to about 30-35 cm

Spring single mattress heights

These options start at about 18-20 cm in height and can go up to 30-35 cm depending on the quality of the mattress and whether or not it is a no turn or turn mattress

Which is best mattress for single bed?

That is entirely up to your personal preference but one thing to look out for is the base type when choosing a single mattress only. If you are buying them for bunk beds or slatted bases you would need to invest in a foam mattress. This is because where the gaps are in the slats there is no support offered to spring systems

What size is a single bed mattress? 

These mattresses measure 91 cm in width and 188 cm in length for a standard length mattress. They are available in extra length too that measures 200 cm long. The heights of the mattresses varies per model and type. Consider your options for buying a single mattress

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