Single Foam Beds

Our range of single foam beds for sale offers affordable and high-quality options with a lowest price guarantee. You can find several options at unbeatable prices that will suit any budget while taking care of your back too.

Customers favor these beds for their quality and affordability because the low price point and various comfort levels are hard to beat. They are ideal for kids and are also very popular in the hospitality industry, where you can push them together and cover them with a mattress topper to use as a king size bed.

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Showing all 6 results

Reasons to buy single foam beds.

One of the biggest motivators is their low price point and they are often seen as the best deal on single bed sets. They are also very versatile in usage. They cater to a wide range of sleepers who are looking for the best value for money beds. The comfort levels cater for any sleeper preference and offer the very best support for your spine.

Comfort levels

Our wide range includes all the comfort levels from soft to firm so you will find an option that will match your need. These comfort levels start with a soft or plush sleep surface that is great for cushioning tender joints as well as keeping the spine inline during sleep. This will help you get quality sleep which is essential for your overall health and wellbeing.

The best solution for growing kids

Single foam beds are the best buy for growing kids. They offer a soft enough sleep surface to allow optimum blood circulation. They also the posture correct while the body is still growing. The comfort levels allow the child to get undisturbed sleep so that they rest properly and can grow.

We often have these beds on sale in out limited time offers so be sure to keep a look out for our deals that you can order online. Don’t miss out on the savings you can get on our single foam beds.