Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation

As a mother, the worst experience raising a small baby was the sleep deprivation. The “zombie” state affects how well you are able to see to your baby’s needs, your level of alertness is affected, and we all know that the highest alert level is required with a baby and even more so, a toddler!

When I had the opportunity to sleep, my saving grace was my comfortable bed. With time constraints of looking after a baby, you want to be able to fall asleep quickly – the whole concept of “you need to sleep when baby sleeps”. Easier said than done hey! The more comfortable your bed, the quicker you relax and the easier you fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation results in many unnoticed effects on your body. To name a few:

  • Studies have indicated that driving under sleep deprivation is a cause of many road accidents. Drowsiness is not only a risk to you and your family, but also to unsuspecting drivers on the road with you.
  • Accidents are caused at work resulting in injuries, which leads to unnecessary sick days.
  • Chronic sleep loss has various health risks too, namely: Diabetes, various Heart Ailments, High Blood Pressure and even Strokes.
  • Obesity – yes you can gain weight from lack of sleep ! The longer you stay awake the more you eat. People who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more prone to obesity – shocking fact !
  • Depression – yes sleepiness contributes to the symptoms of depression. Once you are in the “depression zone” it is very difficult to break away from it without medical assistance.
  • Poor balance – co-ordination and balance is affectedresulting in increased physical accidents.
  • Mood changes – yes us poor women get dealt the “do you have PMS again?” card more than often. Lack of sleep makes you anxious, which causes loss of patience and takes your moods to the extreme.
  • Sex drive – yes! no sleep – no sex drive. Now that is a great incentive for hubby to clean the house while you are sleeping :)))).
  • Risk of some cancers may increase – the more you need sleep, the more stressed you get, yes? I personally stress about stressing! The biggest attributor to cancer is stress unfortunately.
  • Compromised immune system – when you go to your GP with common cold symptoms, the first question they have is “are you stressed? are you sleeping well?”

Well I hope this has given you some insite to how sleep deprivation affects you – from a Mommy’s point of view. The comfort of your bed is extremely important!