Snoring remedies

snoring remedies

Snoring remedies

If your partner is giving you sleepless nights? Check out some of the known snoring remedies that will put you back to sleep.

Why do people snore?

If you saw logs at night, you are not alone. Despite the fact that you really are alone, in the spare room, again. Nearly half of all adults keep our other halves thinking of cruel and unusual ways to suffocate us in the middle of the night. Myself included.

Snoring, in its simplest explanation, is when air flows through your throat and causes the relaxed tissues to vibrate. This produces loud and irritating snoring sounds. It can be the most annoying thing for your sleep partner but it can also have some real health consequences for you. Even if it does not bother either of you that much, it would be advisable to remedy it where possible.

There are numerous causes of snoring and if you are one of us, some of these remedies could help you out.

  1. Lose those extra kilos. Having an extra few folds could be the cause of you ripping the chords of your song of torture  through the night. The reason is that there are also extra folds of flab in your throat that can add to the chorus of chaos. Listen to your doctor and take care of your weight, it will help you, and your partner sleep better.
  2. Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back will cause your tongue to move toward the back of your throat. This, in addition to the tissues that are already doing the Mexican wave, will elevate the cheer coming from your nasal region.  You partner however will not be a fan of that. So try falling asleep on your side to clear the passages.
  3. Keep you head high and your neck straight. Keeping your head high will clear your airways but it is also important to have your neck straight. If your neck is crooked like a Christmas turkey’s, you can sleep standing up and there will be no difference. Having a bent neck will close the airways and you will sound just like that gobbling turkey.
  4. Nasal strips. Nasal strips will help open your nasal passages to allow for better airflow. It also makes you look like a bit like Shrek by squashing the nose slightly. But would you rather look like him or sound like an Ogre?
  5. Check for allergies. It could be that you have a reaction to certain elements floating around you at night. From dust mites to doggy fur, some or all of these could be irritating and inflaming your passages. If you find that you are extremely stuffy in the mornings it could be a sign of an irritant. Synthetic mattress fabrics could also be clogging up your shnoz so try to by natural and organic bedding.
  6. Boot the booze before bedtime. Most of us enjoy a drink or two on the odd occasion. The problem is that if your partner does not have a hearing problem, you can almost be assured of a space in the spare room again. Alcohol can relax your mood but it also relaxes the throat muscles. This adds to the rumble

There are many other issues that may cause your to snore, the ones above are the ones that we may have a degree of control over. If none of the self help remedies are working it is suggested that you consult your doctor. Some issues may need surgical procedures


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