Summer sleep tips – Keeping your cool

summer sleep tips

Summer sleep tips

Our summer sleep tips can help you get better rest and better-quality sleep during the hot summer.

As south Africans, we cherish our summer times in the sun surf and sand. The high temperature could have an effect on your sleep though. This can lead to broken sleep patterns which will leave you exhausted during the day causing many problems when it comes to functioning at your best.

By following our summer sleep tips, you will be able to keep your cool and get the best sleep.

Be heat smart

I am sure that we all experience a degree of uncomforted with tossing and turning in bed when it gets too hot. This is because our bodies are programmed to fall asleep when it gets cooler. Your internal body temperature even drops slightly at around bedtime. That lets your internal clock know that bedtime is just around the corner and starts to make you sleepy. getting your core temperature down is much harder if the ambient temperature is higher than normal. Even more so if the humidity is high.

The best way to combat this is but making sure you have airflow through the room or by using a fan and/or fan and dehumidifier. this will keep the room temperature and humidity at the right level.

Manage the light

The seasons can play havoc with your internal clock and long summer days will disrupt your sleep patterns. While it is great to spend the summer outdoors until all hours, the reality is that this throws out your circadian rhythm (your natural sleep/wake clock) and that will quickly put an end to any early bed time plans. Another tip is to darken your room as much as possible. For younger individuals who are used to a set bedtime when it is dark, trying to sleep when the days are long may seem like they are going to bed in the day. This will confuse the body and you may find yourself not being able to get tired.

Sleep suggestions for the summer

  • Block out the sun. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible with blackout curtains. This helps keep the sun out when it is rising early and setting late.
  • Have a quick dip. If you have pool and the heat is just too much. take a quick dip or have a cool shower. getting your body temperature will help you be more comfortable and able to fall asleep better.
  • Cool down your bedroom. Create a slight breeze in your room with a fan or air cooler. You can also investigate cooling bedding products like breathable pillows or mattresses 
  • Have a cold drink. Your internal temperature is also a factor in your body’s ability to get comfortable. Bring that down with a glass of ice water
  • Spread your legs. Your sleep position may be causing heat build-up in certain areas of your body. Go spread eagle if space allows to get air circulation around your whole body
  • Naked is more fun anyway. Chuck away your clothes and get comfy.

These are just a few sleep tips that may help you get a better night’s rest during our scorching summers.