Toddler and Sleep part 1

Toddler sleep

Once your toddler is ready to sleep in a “Big Bed” you will know it. They start standing and jumping in the cot and then eventually somersault themselves over the side of the cot to escape. This can lead to grave injuries and even broken bones. The stress on Mom during this phase is actually not necessary at all – move them to a bed immediately!

When your little angel is a small baby, you sit for hours and even days looking up the correct cot mattress to ensure that your baby is safe at all times – well I did ! The same legwork needs to be done when choosing a bed mattress.

Ideally you would want to start off with a low bed, or even a mattress on the floor, to prevent them from falling and injuring themselves. These days we really are spoiled for choice. A racing car bed….a princess bed…a paw patrol bed….whatever it takes to make a big bed exciting to your particular toddler. BUT – make sure that the mattress is suitable.

Little bodies have completely different needs to teenagers and adults. The firmness of the mattress is your top priority. SPINAL SUPPORT is the most important factor. Toddlers spend 8 to 10 hours of each day sleeping, some up to 15 hours with morning and afternoon naps (if you are lucky, my toddler did not nap )

What is the optimal firmness you ask? For toddlers, a memory foam mattress is not recommended – you should be looking at a pocket spring. The reason for this is the firmness level without taking away the comfort. The more comfortable your toddler is, the longer they will sleep. Good sleep is so important for a toddler, I can not emphasize this enough. Nobody wants to deal with an irritated tired toddler!

Look out for part 2 where I will go into more depth on the mattress spec. Chat soon!