Toddler and Sleep Part 2 – Beds

Toddler beds

My previous post covered why it is so important to choose the correct mattresses and beds for toddler. Now for a more in depth view of what the mattress spec should be.

Toddlers moving from a cot to a bed most often enjoy a firmer mattress. The size of the mattress remains your choice and what would best suit your family, with the main decision being the cost. Another contributing factor includes the space available in the bedroom. You don’t want a bed to take up the whole room with no space for your toddler to play. And if you are anything like us, there are so many toys to store that we had to go with a single bed.

The best thing we did was buy 2 under-bed drawers which slide in and out on wheels. Toy storage problem solved! And as they grow older, this space is perfect for those sporting equipments like tennis racquets and hockey sticks and cricket bats etc. You will use them right through the school phase, so the investment is definitely worth your while. But I digress……

A single or twin bed is more than sufficient for a toddler. We personally just put up a bed rail on one side to ensure he didn’t fall off. But there ared many other cost effective ways to keep the little guy or girl on the bed. One of the latest I have seen is a pool noodle – who would have thought?? But yes, just fit is underneath the fitted sheet and problem solved! Unless he or she is a little acrobat whilst sleeping, this will keep them perfectly safe. Push one side of the bed against the wall and pop the pool noodle in to cover the other side. I bought one of those long worm plush toys for the wall side of the bed so that if he rolls against the wall side his back does not get cold.

Once again I have not reached the point I wanted to make on the mattress spec – catch me on the next post !