Toddler and Sleep part 3

toddler sleep

Well let’s try this again, and actually get to the point of what the mattress spec should be for toddler moving from a cot to a bed.

A toddler bed will most certianly ease the transition from cot to bed for your little one, but keep in mind that the window priod for use of a toddler bed is about a year, if that. So if you can proceed straight to a Single or Twin “normal” bed then it could save you a few rands in the long run. Remember, you can also put the mattress straight onto the floor for a few months until your toddler is used to it without falling off.

The toddler bed mattress must be DURABLE and as FIRM as possible. For the last year they have been sleeping on a thin cot mattress, so the transition to the bed needs to carry through the same effect on their spines, hence a firm mattress. STURDY is also a requirement now, jumping and rolling on the bed will start before you know it, so you want something that will keep it’s shape for a few years to come.

The thickness is also important, should you be using a guardrail you don’t want the mattress to be higher than the rail, because what is the point then really? the toddlers horizontal body height needs to be covered by the guardrail.

And then last but not least – a good MATTRESS PROTECTOR! This will be your best investment to prolong the life of your mattress. Once urine has penetrated a mattress, you can try what you want, there is no machine on the market that will remove that smell or stain completely. I speak from experience! We actually bought an industrial carpet cleaner a few months ago and my mattresses still looks exactly the same. Once that urine has settled for a few months, nothing will remove that stain.

I hope this section has been helpful to you, watch out for my next storm of wisdom words 🙂