Types of mattresses

mattress types

Types of mattresses explained – A shopping guide.

If for some reason you are not getting the most relaxing sleep. it could be because you are not paying attention to what type of mattress your body needs to really refresh and rejuvenate.  There are several different types of mattresses available and each has their very own set of features and benefits. This is a guide to the different types of mattresses that will you decide on the best type for you.

Mattresses have two general categories. They are either a spring system or a foam system. Those two can be broken up into several different types in each category.

Spring mattresses explained

On the spring side of things we have two variants. Those are innerspring and pocket spring. So to break those down into their individual categories lets have a look at them in detail


Bonnell or inner spring systems

The Bonnell spring system is the oldest and most widely used system in the world today. It is the most basic and cost effective system to use in mattresses. It consists of a few hundred spring coils that are interlocked with a wire strip.

The springs are also encased in a border wire to strengthen the edges and to give a little support when sitting on the sides of the mattress. This mattress type tends to be on the firm side but can be made into a softer feel by adding various layers of foams and quilting to the sleep surface. The mattress is not recommended for individuals who are sensitive to partner disturbance as the springs do not move independently. The cavity provided by the springs allows for good ventilation making it great if you tend to sleep hot.


Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses are manufactured using individually wrapped springs that are cased inside a light fabric. This is considered to be one of the best solutions for eliminating partner disturbance. Because the springs are not attached to each other, they do not pull each other when compressed by your body weight.

The mattress also provides a better sleep experience if you have a problem with sore joints or morning back stiffness. In pocket types of mattresses, the springs act independently, they provide “comfort zones” meaning that the heavier pasts of your body sink to a higher degree than the lighter parts. This eliminates pressure points on the body and also allows the mattress to keep you spine in the correct shape during sleep.

Foam mattresses explained

Foam mattresses are becoming more popular because they are not as limited such as springs are. Spring mattresses can only be made in accordance to the jig or pattern that they are made in. Foam mattresses on the other hand and be cut and shapes as you wish. They are also able to mix and match different type of foam layers and different technologies to make a big range of finished products to suit any and all sleep requirements.

High density foam mattresses

High density foam mattresses are made using multiple layers of foam of different densities and hardness’s. Theses layers are laminated together to create a mix of foams that provide both support and comfort. Some models consist of just one layer of foam and other models are made using up to five layers.

Generally in the higher end models of these types of mattresses, the upper layers of foam soften as the get to the sleep surface giving a more luxurious feel and more comfortable experience. There is on drawback on the foam units is that there is no way for air to circulate through the foams. But with that said, the actual temperature difference is only about 2 or 3 degrees higher. But if you are extremely temperature sensitive, it may be a consideration. These beds are also recommended for eliminating partner disturbance.




Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are considered one of the luxury types of mattresses. The foam itself is a heat sensitive foam which softens when in contact with your body. This allows your body to sink into the surface giving relief to the pressure points of your body. These points are your elbows, hips, shoulders and knees. Buy eliminating the pressure on these joints you no longer get that painful feeling.

These types of mattresses are also good for keeping your spine in the correct sleeping position during sleep. By softening on contact, the mattress drops the heavier parts lower which means that your muscles do not work overtime during the evening. This pulling of the muscles to keep your spine in position is what causes lower back stiffness in the mornings. Memory foam, because of its softness is also great for getting a restful sleep. It will eliminate partner disturbance to a certain degree.


           Latex foam mattresses

Latex foam mattresses come in two different types, natural and synthetic. The natural latex is made from the sap from rubber trees and processed to to form a foam without the addition of any chemicals or toxic substances. Synthetic latex is manufactured using petrochemical products which would in its raw form would be extremely hazardous. The process of refining the latex into a usable foam eliminates the harmful components in the foam to make it non toxic to humans.

The properties of both types are very similar when it comes to your sleep experience. Latex mattresses provides a balance of softness and support. These types of mattresses have the right amount of give to provide you with a soft sleep surface to take away any hard points. This gives you a cushioned sleep area. it has a firmer support feel that is similar to a soft rubber which means it also allows you heavier body parts to sink into perfect alignment with your spines natural position

Gel infused memory foam

Gel infused memory foam has a very similar feel to a latex mattress but usually comes in at very lower price point. The gel used in the foam tends to stiffen the foam up to a degree giving it more elasticity. This is what makes it feel like the latex. Unlike traditional memory foam which does not allow for ventilation, the gel allows for a certain amount of air to pass through the foam. The gel in itself has the unique property of remaining cool. And a lot of manufacturers are terming the gel technology as cooling gel sleep systems.

These types of mattresses are more elastic and more hard wearing than ordinary memory foam models. This will will give a longer lifespan out of your mattress. As with the latex beds the surface has a high degree of give and cushion. This technology is considered to be great for back stiffness too. Not only because the comfort and support of the foam but also because of the soothing effect of the gel.

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