What is a high density foam mattress?

what is a high density foam mattress?

What is a high density foam mattress?

What is a high density foam mattress?. High density foam mattresses are mattresses that can be made up of a single layer or

multiple layers of different density types of foams.

Single layer

The more affordable models generally are generally made out of reconstituted foam or you may know it as chip foam. Chip foam is made from the off cuts of various different foams that are bonded together using an adhesive that keeps the foam block in shape. These entry level models are usually covered just by an inexpensive fabric. Some of the models can have a small amount of quilting to which gives the mattress a more comfortable feel.

Three layered

In the mid range quality mattresses you will find that they will use this same chip foam but only as the support core of the mattress. That support core is then topped on either side with one layer of foam which gives a softer feel to the mattress making it more comfortable. These mid range models will have a better quilting underneath a higher quality fabric which also adds to the comfort of the mattress. These units are generally refereed to as a three layered high density foam mattress. They are perfectly suited for kids rooms because of there durability. Also very popular for the mid range hospitality establishments for the value for money point.

Five layered

The premium mattresses are what is called a five layered high density foam. They also consist of the chip foam core but unlike the mid range models they have two layers of foam on either side. The top layers of foam are softer and that gives the mattress an even softer, more comfortable feel. These beds are made to take weight and it is not uncommon for them to be weight rated up 140 kg per person. These are excellent choices for the upper end hospitality industry as well as for your main room. These types of beds are ideal for an undisturbed sleep and highly recommended for individuals with lower back issues.

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