Working from home and sleep

working from home and sleep

Working from home and sleep

Working from home and sleep do not really fit into our daily considerations. On the arrival of the “new norm”, many of us thought that working from home was going to be super cool. We could hit the snooze more often because we did not have to hit the road and punch the clock. I am sure many were excited about the prospect of chilling on the couch in PJ’s and going on to Zoom meetings when required. How did that work for you? I am sure most of us had a big knee jerk reaction when this new daily routine set in. I know I did.

Home-school shifted into top gear, neglected home projects caught our attention, housework needed doing because domestics were at home and home gyms were made from the garden furniture. There are so many more things that started absorbing our days that we were going to allocate to work.

Getting your much needed rest during the work from home lockdowns has for some proved to be a challenge. But you can remedy this to make sure you get your work done, the house and kids sorted and still get your sleep.

Working from home and sleep can be easy. Creating a schedule and putting into action some of the following tips.

  • Create and maintain a routine. Your body is run by its own internal clock. Known as your Circadian rhythms, this clock tells us when we are tired and need to sleep. They also wake us up when we have sleep enough. Keeping this clock in tune is the basis of our sleep quality. So, if you feel tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning or decide to catch a late flick, be aware that this could impact you negatively during the day. Keep to a regular sleep and wake routine.

  • Get fresh air and natural light before you start your workday. Getting some fresh air and light will help you get a great start to the day. You might not realize it but your work commute was an opportunity for you to get some form of activity and light and air. Many of us have got into a habit of waking up and going straight to the workspace without getting any natural light, this confuses your rhythm into thinking that you are still in a sleep environment.

  • Define your workday responsibilities. I bet you thought the boss was pushy during the “old norm”. And now that you work from home you are just kind of expected to be available at all sorts of hours. Put your foot down because your time is still your time. Doing emails early or late into the night is a recipe for disaster when it comes to getting quality sleep. Before you used to be able to shut off at a given time. Now that your time seems to be more flexible, I am sure there are many who take advantage of the flexi hours. Do not allow that to happen because it will have your head racing with work related issues when you should be having “you time”.

  • Get a designated work area set up. Although it is tempting, I am sure. Working on your laptop in your bed is not a good idea. Before your space becomes a blur with tasks taking place in every room in the house, dedicate your work area to work. This will allow you to keep to your work time and home time. Mixing the two up will end up leaving you with no set work boundaries. Working from the couch or bed is also not good for your posture.

  • Set out and keep to regular breaks. Your workplace of old had clearly defined time of work and times for breaks. Keep these going because realistically you cannot just keep going. As I have mentioned it seems bosses are more demanding now that you have “flexi hours” but stick to your guns. There are breaks for a reason, and that is to allow you to keep focused and function productively.

  • Pay attention to your diet. Loading up on quick snack and caffeine is bad. It is probably more convenient just to pop to the fridge or make a cup of coffee, but this is just bad for your health. Unhealthy eating will impact your sleep, so try and get into a habit of preparing healthy lunches like you would have done during a normal working day that you were used to.

Putting these tips into a routine will help you get a good quality sleep going