Memory Foam and hip replacement

memory foam hip replacement

So I have had a hip replacement, meaning a soft flexible sleeping surface is of paramount importance to me. Any hard surface on a bed impacts my hip to the point that my leg goes numb and I have extenuating pain for the next few days.

The memory foam literally moulds itself around the formation of your body, giving it the leeway to you need at the mattress points of impact. So in layman’s terms, the mattress moulds itself around your body shape, giving you support to the areas you most need it. Conforming to your individual curves.

Memory foam is ideal for all sleeping positions as the foam adjusts and distributes your body weight accordingly. Even if you like to sleep on your tummy, it actually sets your spine to the perfect alignmnet by sinking at the heaviest part of your body, and in the same way lifting your lightest sections. Over the long term, chronic neck pain and back pain problems are reduced.

THE BEST part of memory foam is that you CANNOT FEEL YOUR PARTNER MOVING. My hubby tosses and turns like he is fighting the last living dinosaurs! well he can now fight away – I cannot feel a thing!

If you have a household anywhere close to ours – 4 dogs, a 7 year old and 2 adults – you will know it is a circus. Well each animal and person now has his/her own section of the bed and I cannot feel one of them move – I tell you it is PRICELESS!!

The foam actually absorbs all the movement, or energy, and minimizes sleep disruption by your partner. Or dogs. Or kids.

Due to the open cell design of memory foam, you can rest assured that for the lifespan of the mattress, no sagging will occur, but make sure you get a high-grade material. Some of the “cheaper” versions might save you a bit of moola now, but in the long run it will cost you.