Online bed shopping

online bed shopping

Online bed shopping

online bed shopping

Online bed shopping may seem a bit confusing to some, I know for sure because when people ask me what I do, they tend to get a funny look in their eyes. I have to explain that shopping for a bed online is a real thing. Some get it and some just don’t 🙂

They say things like “surely you need to lay on the bed before your buy it” or ask “how do I know its comfortable enough?”  “how do people know you are legit if you don’t have a store?” is another common question.

Well those are all common and reasonable questions and concerns so I am going to try and put those issues to bed so to speak.

YES, buying a bed online IS A REAL THING. and it happens all day everyday, 24/7. In this day and age it is just the better way to do things. The key here is about educating yourself about the company and the products.This information should be readily available on the interwebs and should be your “bed buying guide” that you have open when visiting the bed websites.

How to start your search when online bed shopping

I would suggest that you start by looking for the solution to your problem. You are buying a bed for a reason, not just because you have spare money to burn. So either you have back issues, your mother in law is visiting again ( and despite your assurances that the floor will be fine, your plan is just not being bought). Your partner keeps you awake at night by moving too much, you have joint stiffness on waking and the list goes on. Try a google search on those issues you have. The sites that are worth their salt will have researched these issues and provided you with solutions. They will come up in the search results which will help you to sift through the pile of those who are making offers based on specials, price drops, free bases and free this and that blah blah blah. You want a solution, not a sales pitch. It is very important to note that if you visit a store, a lot of the time a sales person will push you to a certain bed because it pays them more commission. Be careful of that

Trust issues

We all know that online in risky, we get those mails from treasury departments with millions of dollars all the time. So how do we know who to trust? All these data leaks are also making big headlines these days too. What is safe and what is secure? The fact is that there is no safe place, just like the streets, if someone wants something bad enough, they will make a plan. But there are things to look for. The first thing is the website URL, if it has the little padlock and begins with https:// it is a secure website. To see if your chosen online guy is ok it is also wise to checkout rating sites like hello peter, you will get an unbiased community that is not afraid to voice their opinion, also through the comments of their social media pages like facebook. Be cautious of a page that does not have their review section enabled. It may be that they are trying to hide something.

Now to choose the bed

Now that you have decided on who you are going to buy from, the next step is what to buy, a lot of the sites have a filter that you can use to shortlist the important things about the bed. The factors that determine the best bed for you are weight rating, comfort level and budget. These easily filters make it easy to get one or two choices that are going to suit you. Once you are in that specific area and still not sure about something, pick up the phone, you will find that most of the guys in the industry are more than happy go help. There are also chat bots, usually at the bottom of the page on the left or right. When you click on that you will find an (usually) upbeat salesperson who is ready to help you in any way you need.

That i think are the most important parts of online bed shopping and should point you in the right direction of at least finding a shop that will look after your concerns rather than their own pocket. But if you are still curious or in need a better online experience, why not give us a call? You will find that we are more than able and willing to get you the bed of your dreams.

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