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Bad sleeping habits

Bad sleeping habits

Many of us are struggling to get enough good quality sleep. The problem usually comes down to poor lifestyle choices, bad sleeping habits and poor mattress quality. With more and more research emerging that low sleep quality are directly linked to a host of health problems, getting better sleep should be a top priority when it comes to living a healthier life. 

But how do you know if you are not getting good quality sleep? Well, if you are not sleeping enough hours, waking up more than once during the night or not sleeping deep enough, you are probably not getting the quality rest you need. If you wake up the next morning feeling like you are hungover and struggle to concentrate during the day, it’s a sign you’ve had terrible night.

What are bad sleeping habits?

Bad sleeping habits can include a range of things. Negative lifestyle factors that may contribute to your poor sleep include stress, drinking alcohol or caffeine or smoking before bedtime. Household factors like a room being too bright or a pet sleeping next to you and waking you up every few hours can also be an issue. Another bad sleeping habit includes not wanting to replace your “favorite”, but lumpy pillow, or replacing your mattress when it starts to sink and dip in according to your body shape. 

Here’s some of the most common bad sleeping habits and how to change them for a better night’s rest:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine a few hours before going to bed
  • Avoid eating large meals and spicy food before going to bed as this will keep your digestion working hard and your body won’t be able to have a proper shutdown
  • Create a calming sleep routine to help you unwind. Take a bath, do meditation exercises, settle into a comfortable bed, read a book
  • Exercise daily to help reduce stress and relieve excess nervous energy that may keep you awake
  • Avoid stress and worry before going to bed. Try not to read the news, or send and read work emails
  • Make sure your room is dark with no ambient light from electronics or outside. Light stimulates the body to stay awake and blocks our sleeping hormone, melatonin, that is stimulated by a dark environment
  • Avoid screens and hour before bedtime. The blue light from screens also blocks melatonin release
  • Practice personal hygiene before going to bed and ensure bedding is clean with no allergens like dust or pet hair that can bother you during the night

Remember to check that your mattress and pillow supports your body in a comfortable way when you sleep. Even if you change your bad sleeping habits, but your mattress is of poor quality, you may still have trouble getting a good night’s rest. A good mattress will support good sleep and a healthier life.

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